I’m Interested

Passion-based learning is all a matter of interest.  When you apply yourself to something that interests you it breeds passion.  This passion is fueled by your on-going exploration of that interest.  In truth, passion is an investment in yourself.  For if you only accomplish something for what it’s worth, then your intrinsic self will be unfulfilled.  Passion based learning is an attempt to explore the better qualities that you possess.  Upon reading and viewing 21st Century Educating, Part 1: Passion and My Journey Teaching Through Passion-Based Learning, I have come to see the further importance of being passionate as a person and teacher.

If a teacher is not passionate about what he or she teaches then explanation of subject matter will more than likely fall on deaf ears.  A teacher should be following their passion by teaching, and hold various passions of subject matter within that spectrum.  Once a teaching position is obtained it may be easy to become disenchanted with the process, but the way to battle that is to teach and practice passion.  I refuse to believe that teachers who are jaded can’t find at least a couple of pieces that they are passionate about.  There are some subjects and areas of study that a teacher is going to feel less excited about.  The same thing goes for the student.  A teacher should recognize this and allow students to spend as much time as possible studying what they love.  However, a teacher needs to be able to be passionate about various areas of study, because the students are going to cover a lot of ground with their various passions.  So they key for a teacher is to be adaptable.


The best takeaway from “21st Century Educating, Part 1: Passion” was the message of pushing the limit.  Once you become bored, or disenchanted like I mentioned earlier, it is time to push the boundaries of your own comfort zone.  I like this message the article sends because it deals in adaptability.  Over time the same passionate teaching methods may be dated, so it is necessary to evolve.  As the article would suggest, don’t just continually go through the motions.

What I learned from “My Journey Teaching Through Passion-Based Learning” aligns closely with my own independent learning project that I am completing in this class.  It is helping me to learn about myself, but it is also informative and fun.  Much of the same can be said about the students in the article.  I can definitely see the implementation of this in my classroom.  What better way to understand your students than examining them studying what they are passionate about.  By using passion based learning projects to teach school becomes a place of learning, rather than eight hours of the proverbial “schooling.”



Author: Zane Hesting

I am an education student at Chadron State College in Nebraska. My interests include fly fishing, reading books, watching movies, hanging out with family, and exploring.

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