Five Creative Mediums #diglitclass

It took me awhile to soak in ds106.  The site appearance made me slightly apprehensive, but as I looked closer I realized ds106 has a lot to offer for creators, and people who desire to be creators.  The site creates questions for its users, and the users must answer those questions in five creative forms: audio, video, photograph, writing, drawing.  These five outlets allow people with different strengths to succeed, it is not limited to only a few creative mediums.  ds106 is tricky because the structure is very loose, if existent at all.  It allows everyone to answer the question of what they would do outside of apprehension and judgement.  By presenting their art through an online format it does allow a student or person to be a little more bold with their artistic approach.  They may publish things they normally would not, because there is a safety barrier there.

The biggest thing that I like about ds106 is its ability to break up the collegiate, academic format.  Believe me I like a good lecture about something that I am interested in, and I don’t even mind collaborating in groups from time to time.  But every once and awhile I am looking for a release that is not there.  I think ds106 has the power to offer this creative release.  I’m not the world’s most creative person but ds106 looks like it takes all comers, whether they are naturally creative or not.  I’ve never been the daring type when it comes to publishing my own convictions for the digital world.  I am more apt to only give my creativity (furniture, letters, true convictions) to people I know.  Probably because I am consciously aware that they won’t judge me, and they will recognize the confidentiality of friendship.  Because of this I am looking forward to the thirty day challenge of ds106.  The only anxiety I feel is setting up more social media online accounts.  I didn’t have a social media account for three years, and had grown quite used to it.  I think there is a certain creative inspiration that is stifled by making your creative side too available.  But a good balance is always needed, and I need to know how to use these sites if I’m going to be an educator.

ds106 can be another medium for an educator to get to know their students.  By having students participate in ds106, a teacher can recognize where a student excels.  The teacher can then encourage them in their innate creative channels while helping them to improve in their lesser creative aspects.  In one of my literature classes we are working on emblem poetry, and one of the first things I came across on the ds106 was emblem poetry. ds106 is a leap of faith, and I like that.  It allows students to get feedback on their creative discoveries.  It is website of positive human interaction, reflection, and creative learning.  These may be the most important parts of education, and if we can’t embrace these in our own education, how will we be able to teach their importance to students? I am ready for our very own thirty day creative challenge.


Author: Zane Hesting

I am an education student at Chadron State College in Nebraska. My interests include fly fishing, reading books, watching movies, hanging out with family, and exploring.

2 thoughts on “Five Creative Mediums #diglitclass”

  1. An act of faith! I love that. Yes, exactly. For instructors and students. There’s so much there, it can be overwhelming at first, and even after years of using ds106 in this class, I still haven’t discovered all there is to discover.


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