Googling Myself #diglitclass

Upon googling myself I ran into some information and images that I would deem private.  Even though none of the images or information held me in a negative light, they were still personal and I found it uncomfortable that the world has access to them.  I don’t have a Facebook account and I only recently opened up a Twitter account, so I couldn’t find any dirt on myself in the social media realm.  However, I did find a few articles and images that I hold personal.

The first piece of information that I found to be private was my political affiliation.  The information was from five years ago and I’ve since changed political affiliation, but the third link down claimed that I am a Republican; which I am not.  In the same link it also pin points where I used to live, and I am not necessarily comfortable with having my address available to the world.  I understand that it is very common for people to have access to my address, but I consider it slightly disturbing.  Most of the links that included me were positive, and this I found to be beneficial of a connected world.  Everyone can see my accomplishments.  I didn’t know that many of my old newspaper articles on local sports were on the internet, but I don’t mind that they are.  Also included were various forms of community service projects that I had partook in.

The images of me were what I was most concerned about.  Most of the images were photos that I was tagged in by my family.  These events included were mostly weddings, funerals, and sporting events that I had participated in.  The pictures of me in wedding and funeral shots seem to be a little too personal for the whole world to have access to.  But in the end they are pretty harmless.

I was happy to view that most of the links that came up were positive things about me rather than negative.  So I can say up until this point my digital impact is not negative, and I am yet to know whether it is viewed as positive.  I may simply be viewed as just another person in the giant realm of social media and online information.


Author: Zane Hesting

I am an education student at Chadron State College in Nebraska. My interests include fly fishing, reading books, watching movies, hanging out with family, and exploring.

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