Up to This Point #diglitclass

Up to this point, this class has taught me myriad lessons.  As a person who has been out of the online, social realm for years, I have been shown the learning power of an online format that I didn’t see in my earlier experience.  My expectations of the course were more hands-off than what has occurred.  Through obtaining a blog and a Twitter account I have seen multiple perspectives from multiple students.  Unlike other online courses that parade through the steps of online discussion boards, this class has moved those discussion to an innovative, creative format.  Not only can discussions be had with students in the course, I am able to quickly access information from social media pertaining to the weekly study.  I didn’t expect learning about digital literacy to take place while participating in digital literacy.  I thought it would be an outside scope of the subject, and instead it has been very inclusive with students communicating in the forums studied on.

My favorite learning module to this point was module number six.  I felt that this module was the most beneficial to me as a future educator.  As someone who has been out of high school for almost ten years, I was able to see innovative trends inside the learning process.  Project based, personalized, inquiry based, and experiential based learning studies opened by eyes to see that learning can be fun.  I had forgotten this concept and I am anxious to implement these various forms learning approaches when I become an educator.  It was tremendous to see how much more students can take from a subject when the material is presented in an expansive, creative form by the student.

The most difficult module is the one I haven’t got to yet.  This is the 30-day challenge module.  This challenge falls under module number seven, and included our study of ds106.  This module requires a disciplined approach to individual creation.  From the outside it appears somewhat daunting, but hopefully once I start everything will line up accordingly.  This module will be the most difficult because it is outside the sphere of normalcy, for me.  Anything that pushes your own comfort zone is good, but I still see that module as being difficult to complete.  But I already know I will learn the most from it, because it is project form, and as I stated project based learning and the brain stick together.

In the second half of the semester I hope to learn more about technology.  The first half has included many modules of technical learning and I hope to continue to get better in this area in the second half.  As a future educator, I won’t be able to get around technology, and I am attempting to embrace it for its positive qualities.  More than anything this is class has brought me and learning technology closer together, and that is a happy occurrence.


Author: Zane Hesting

I am an education student at Chadron State College in Nebraska. My interests include fly fishing, reading books, watching movies, hanging out with family, and exploring.

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